The Peace Department

The Peace Department

Waging peace through sustainable economic development


The Peace Department: a global non-profit with a mission to marshal and accelerate the mobilization of resources required to set communities, and the planet as a whole, on the Critical Pathway towards a Net-Zero future and global socioeconomic justice.  Pulling from deep networks across the realms of business, philanthropy, public policy, science, social change, and faith, The Peace Department uses systems thinking and comprehensive design to unite powerful actors behind shared works to build a sustainable and omni-considerate future that benefits all of humanity.  In doing so, we are waging peace through sustainable economic development–bringing the level of resources, coordination, and strategy typically deployed for war to securing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for all, especially the world’s most marginalized.

The Peace Department operates across three pillars of impact:

  1. Global Communications: using events and strategic partnerships to rally the world around the Critical Pathway for Sustainable Development
  2. Project Advisory: helping to visioneer and operationalize large-scale sustainable development projects that further as many SDGs as possible
  3. Resource Mobilization: shepherding philanthropic funds into tightly engineered projects that maximize outcomes for people and planet


The Peace Department strategically synchronizes Intelligence, Innovation, and Intervention to propel self-reinforcing economic and human development–and ultimately peace–in emerging economies around the world.  Working with intergovernmental bodies, top scientists and technologists, humanitarians, philanthropists and family offices, faith leaders, and–most importantly–the communities themselves, we will help coordinate and resource custom-built projects that improve the wellbeing of people and planet in self-reinforcing ways.

Intelligence.  A cornerstone of our methodology is obtaining the best information from thought-leaders, innovators, academics, and scientists at the top of their respective fields to be at the vanguard of solutions at the nexus of economic development and planetary preservation.  Our intelligence capabilities help us forge game-changing connections between needs and technologies, while inspiring confidence in philanthropic investors who can bring these strategies to life.

Innovation.  We seek out innovations designed to promote development and uphold human dignity while preserving our planet.  Working with our partners, we are building an ever-evolving Solutions Catalogue of cutting edge technologies.  The goal is to create a vetted repository or “kit of parts” from which to pull from when designing our projects.  We will create bundled solutions that can be readily deployed in similar communities around the globe, creating a multiplier effect of impact.

Intervention.  For each project we help design-build, we work with our partners to identify an anchoring intervention–one that applies a holistic graduation approach to poverty eradication and is already producing sustainable development benefits for a particular population.  Using this core intervention, we identify gaps and design a strategy that plugs in other complementary interventions, with an emphasis on clean technologies, to gap-fill and further as many more SDGs as possible.


We live in a time of profound global challenges, with biospheric integrity in jeopardy and billions of people suffering from the effects of unequal economic development and global fragility.  While these problems have seemed intractable in the past, today we have at hand many of the technologies we need to solve the global problematique, ensuring life, liberty, and equality for all–if we choose to do the work.

The Peace Department is a new kind of non-profit, designed to solve global coordination failures to make philanthropy measurably more effective and scalable.  We also represent the Next Gen–a crucial voice full of urgency and promise, ready to create the synergies that will bring game-changing scientific discoveries from lab to field with unprecedented coordination, funding, and impact.

Many well-intentioned projects in the same geographic location operate in isolation from one another, often competing for resources rather than sharing them.  Philanthropists and Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) Family Offices support certain SDGs without examining the broader landscape or factoring in the efforts of other donors.  The result is a series of random, scattered good things happening in silo, with no shared data, no unifying mandate, no shared strategy, no concerted effort to disrupt the status quo.  Tactical coordination would yield exponentially greater results, but no one has stepped into this role.  Until now.

The Peace Department is here to correct these shortfalls by working with our partners to support sustainable development strategies that fill gaps, anticipate risks, and galvanize collaboration.  Our network of key stakeholders across all sectors ensures we deploy resources and technologies in the most informed, streamlined, and coordinated fashion, thereby eliminating inefficiencies and competition while meeting the maximum number of SDGs in every program we help bring to fruition.