The spiritual principles

and repentance ceremony are meant to inspire others to follow suit

With spiritual anchor at Mount Sinai and with major release event in London, the principles will be released in parallel in multiple global locations (10 locations for 10 principles). Over time, additional sites will join in the process. Scroll through the testimony and reflections offered at ceremonies throughout the world, where our message is being amplified and internalized.

Location: Sinai

Mt Sinai Ceremony Kick Off

Location: Mount Abu, India

Sr Sudesh – Ten Spiritual Principles

Location: Mount Saint Francis, Indiana

Br. Don’s presentation at the COP 27 Climate Repentance Ceremony

Location: Mount Saint Francis, Indiana

Fr. Vincent’s epic final note of “Canticle of the Sun” – Mt. St. Francis

Location: Jerusalem

10 spiritual principles

Location: Wales (in Welsh)

Skirrid Walk for Justice (December)